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Who We Are

Elevar Consulting is a Latina-owned business consultancy dedicated to supporting business owners with the expertise and strategies needed to navigate the complex world of marketing. ‘Elevar’ translates to ‘elevate’ in Spanish, which perfectly encapsulates our mission. We specialize in elevating the marketing strategies of business owners who, like you, highly value their customers but may lack the right marketing or sales strategies to expand their businesses. This can be due to factors such as a lack of vision, market understanding, internal capacity, or time for in-depth research.

Our role is to step in and assist you in achieving both your short-term and long-term business goals.

Jennifer Cubas


As consultants, we offer expertise and services to help businesses develop and execute effective marketing strategies. Here are some key activities:

Social Media Management
Website Optimization
Content Creation
Marketing Strategies

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You’ll be amazed at how rapidly your business can elevate when you enlist the expertise of a seasoned professional. Elevar Consulting is here to address any questions you might have.