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We specialize in assisting CEOs and business owners by offering a cost-effective alternative to hiring a full-time Chief Marketing Officer.

Core Activities

As consultants, we provide a cost-effective alternative to hiring a full-time Chief Marketing Officer for businesses. Our core activities consist of: 

Request for Proposal Management
Brand Shaping and Storytelling
Content Creation
Customer Journey

Who am I?

Over the last decade, I’ve focused on assisting CEOs and business owners in connecting with their ideal customers, resulting in boosted sales and heightened brand awareness.

With more than a decade of experience spanning various industries, I have effectively formulated and overseen digital marketing strategies for startups. My strengths lie in clear communication, meeting deadlines, and transforming projects into reality. I comprehend the obstacles that startups encounter, including time constraints, lack of contingency plans, and resource shortages.

My dedication to each client revolves around elevating their business, furnishing CEOs and business owners with the necessary support and objective insights to craft innovative solutions.

Jennifer Cubas

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The majority of my C-suite clients witness significant results with just one or two hours per week. You’ll be astonished by how swiftly your business can soar when you engage the services of a seasoned professional. Schedule a consultation today.

Customer Success Stories

As a Health Coach, pulling the trigger was one of the challenges I was facing. With starting your own business it's really just you at first. Having someone like Jennifer to process, bounce ideas off and get insight and feedback was gold. She helped confirm things I needed to do and having connection with someone that cares and has a passion for helping people succeed. I could feel that come through on our call. She helped me take my business into action steps. Having someone that specializes in marketing and doing things in a clear order that makes sense really helps take the load of building a business and into hands that can help take your business to the next level.

Gabrielle Stewart Renew Health + Fitness Coaching

I highly recommend Elevar Consulting, as she previously provided my business with administrative support for two years. Her team goes above and beyond, and Jennifer is highly effective in communication and organization. She handles scheduling, and logistics, including travel and lodging, executing contracts and dealing with brand partnerships.

Erica Bogart Owner of @bogartbeauty

Jennifer has been monumental in helping our company reach goals and set standards. Her work on administrative and managing projects has allowed us to lay new foundations and standards in our facility, which has catapulted us into becoming a million-dollar company. She assisted us during the "Covid" era when we didn't expect to reach our million-dollar goal. She is solution driven and does not take no for an answer when it comes to getting the job done. I have been able to focus much more on our sales and the attention that our high-end clientele expects from us simply because Jennifer was able to make sure all the "T's" were crossed and "l's" were dotted. There has not been a single hurdle that we have come across that Jennifer could not help us jump.

Eli Ramos Executive of Sales at G21 Fitness

Jennifer has shown charisma and integrity. She profoundly understands market trends and has the instinct to identify opportunities. She is very diligent and puts her heart into her work. She expanded our market share into North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia within the first six months of working together.

Joanie Hammond CEO Hands of Hope Tucson

As a global marketing agency that brings brands to life through events worldwide, Jennifer assisted me with various corporate events to ensure that goals were always fully met. I planned and operated numerous events annually with budgets upwards of $3.5 million each. Jennifer was critical in providing the many logistics involved were executed promptly and professionally. She stayed on top of all tasks given to her, and anytime Jennifer was asked to take on additional responsibilities, she welcomed the opportunity enthusiastically.

Jackie B. Senior Director for Groups and Incentives

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